Are you a musician?  

There are several opportunities to use your musical gifts to serve Jesus at Cedar Mill. We would love to hear from you. We’re always looking for talented people to join our teams.



Cedar Mill accepts auditions via video submission. We will review your video and contact you if we decide to move to the next step in our audition process. Please let us know if you play multiple instruments.  









Enhance the worship experience at Cedar Mill Bible Church, allowing individuals to express their praise to Him and build each other up in faith.

Connect with a Creative Arts Team



For special worship services and occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, these artists will join our worship and arts teams in the services. 



Dramatic illustrations are occasionally used to provide imagery that enhances a particular aspect of our weekly services.



The art of dance can beautifully depict the relevant truths of struggle and pain or joy and freedom. Talented and full-time vocational dancers can use their gifts either as a stand-alone worship experience or during our time of corporate worship with our musicians.


Creative Writing

Poetry, songwriting, and spoken word are powerful tools that engage our hearts and move us closer to expressing our love for, and relationship with, God.



Incredible volunteers help create a welcoming and engaging environment during our gatherings. If you’re creative, technically savvy, hard working, and love getting the details right, we have a spot for you. We’re always looking for great people to bring excellence to our services. Let us know if you are interested, we’d love to chat with you.


Sound Reinforcement

This is a foundational ministry for Cedar Mill. Individuals involved must display a commitment to service and have a good musical ear. 


Lighting Technicians 

Lighting enhances the various aspects of our worship services. If you enjoy working with computers, you may find this area of ministry interesting. Intentional lighting can help communicate themes and enable more seamless and less distracting transitions.



Technology has opened new doors for sharing Christ. While it should never be the focus, when used well, it helps communicate the main idea: Jesus Christ. Media is a wonderful way to share stories, testimonies, and support the worship service. This may include working on video projects (filming, editing, and producing) based on a theme, season, or event.




Several times a year and for special sermon series, a new stage design is used to enhance a theme or idea. We believe stage design can be creatively used to augment the environment of worship.