Our prayer is that every person who walks through our doors will encounter Jesus in a tangible way, knowing they are loved and valued.



Being a greeter is much more than offering a warm handshake and a smile. Our greeters are the first contact people have with Cedar Mill Bible Church and can set the tone for their entire experience. By helping people enter into the church setting in a positive manner, we hope to remove any barriers they might have to meeting God and experiencing the depth of His love and grace.

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While we seek to help everyone feel like they belong, the service of an usher is much more than that. Ushers are very important in helping to set the tone for our Sunday gatherings, creating an atmosphere of warmth and worship. We have the opportunity to touch the lives of each person by performing simple, selfless tasks that meet the needs of others, while serving the Lord. We view the privilege of ushering as of great importance.

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Welcome Center

Entering into this environment can be intimidating for someone who is new to our church. While we provide information, we also have a tremendous opportunity to minister to people. In this early encounter with others, we are able to serve Jesus and make Him known.

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One of the goals of our Cafe is to make sure everyone knows they are loved, valued, and that their presence is important to us. Our Café is located in the southeast corner of the Lobby. In order to help facilitate community, we provide refreshments on Sunday mornings between 8:45-11:00 am. This enables each person to have space to enter into deeper relationship with another.

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Additional Sunday Opportunities


Safety Team

This ministry creates a safe environment for the people who enter our facility, so they can be confident as they worship and spend time on the church campus. This team serves the church body and staff by reviewing safety practices and recommending changes or upgrades to the facilities and procedures. Team members are present during our service times to maintain those policies and respond to potential situations.

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Medical Team

The Medical Team serves the church body by ensuring a qualified medical professional is available to attend to any medical issues that may arise while the worship services are being conducted. This team is also responsible for ensuring that our first aid supplies are well-stocked and our AED machines are operable. This enables us to provide care and ensure an ailing person is tended to promptly. A quick determination can then be made if further professional medical attention is needed.

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Communion Teams

Every week, we celebrate communion together. Teams of people gather during the week to prepare the Lord's Supper for us.

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Then for each service, people are needed to place the elements in position. Following our gatherings, people collect the trays and get them ready for the following week.

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Pew Stockers

Throughout the Bible there are examples of God’s people generously opening their homes to others only to find out they had entertained angels. As His people, we are called to open His house to others in the same way and to create a space for others to encounter Him. By restocking pencils, giving envelopes and I’m Here cards during the week, you can help make sure the Worship Center is ready for the worship services on Sundays.

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